SWECOM stands for SOUTHWEST COMMUNICATION and it started as a cable distributor in Fako in 1998. It later extended its distribution to some other regions by 2005. However in 2008 SWECOM established an IT department and became an internet service provider (ISP) in Douala and in 2011 it extended to other regions. Finally in 2014 it included VOD (VIDEO ON DEMAND) and IT solutions. Today SWECOM presently operates in 5 regions, namely the Littoral, the Centre, the South, and South-West and of North-West, with the hopes of extending to the other regions. Swecom LTD Head Office is located in Douala at Kotto [Bangue], SWECOM LTD Head Office is a six [6] floor building which has adequate office space to conduct its operations, Commercial Department located at: Rue Joffre AKWA, opposite CFAO Technologies, Douala Cameroon Since the launch of its activities in 1998, SWECOM Ltd a has fully developed its offer with the cable TV and has specialized in the TRIPLE PLAY service, i.e, the TV HD + VOD + Internet High speed thanks to high technology support: the Fiber Optics (FTTH, Fiber To The Home)..

Having a latest-generation broadband cable network, SWECOM Ltd commercializes services targeting 3 distinct categories of clients: companies, institutions and individuals. Its extensive experience in the domain de NICT guarantees the satisfaction of each and every one.

Our activities
  • HD Digital Cable Television
  • Video on Demand
  • Broadband Internet Connections
  • Interconnection
Our strengths
  • Management team has a unique combination of business knowledge.
  • Has expertise to offer services for every type of customer.
  • Over fifteen years of satisfactory experience as a cable operator
  • Remarkable presence in major cities and Cameroonian localities
  • Advanced Technology (point to point connection)
  • Trained and seasoned Technical teams
  • Good knowledge of IT environment
X You !
Hello sir! what can I do for you? hello, I have a problem with my cable box ... Which one sir? I have no access to interfaces. What is the color of your lights, please? Allo!