Our commercial Home offers in which we offer our subscribers a triple play via FTTH (Fiber to the Home) that is to say a set of three (3) services in the context of a single contract:

Hyper rapide Bandwidth Type Price
Extra Fast 34 mega / second Unlimited To Negotiate
Super-Fast 20 Mbits / second
FAST 10 mega / second
EXTRA 5 mega / second
MAGIC 3 mega / second
PRO 2 mega/ second
BASIC 1 mega / second
Swebiz Start Up Bandwidth Price
MAGIC 4 mega / second To negotiate
PRO 3 mega / Second To negotiate
BASIC 2 mega / second To negotiate

Why FTTO (Fiber To The Office) of SWECOM for your company?

  • Internet access service available and reliable Broadband stable from 1024 Kbps data traffic speed.
  • We offer services Companies that fit the size of your company and your needs.


  • Internet access high-speed dedicated
  • Very low latency, low jitter and very little packet loss
  • A range of flow rates to suit your needs subject to technical eligibility
  • Symmetrical bandwidth or asymmetric are guaranteed
  • A 2h hour’s recovery time warranty worked Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 17h/
  • An optical modem supplied and installed on-site
  • A company technical assistance
  • A web customer area to manage your services, invoices...
  • Optional services :
    • Interconnection

Call us on +237 242 66 28 89 / 233 42 62 66 or contact us to get assistance from one of our experts

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